In the Airline industry there are several types of products needed and used. Each Airport has different needs. We supply Various Deicers. All are FAA Approved ASTM Rated, Type 1, Type IV, Runway Deicers, Deicing / Anti-icing Fluids, Solid, Liquid, Calcium Chloride to the DOD, CMA, Ice Melters, AMS Specifications 1428, 1421, 1424, 1431, 1435, SMI Certified.  Solid Deicers that are FAA approved for Hub and Ramp Deicing.

*Disclaimer:  Product selection can vary from region or even state to state. Please ask for more information.


Solid Deicers are an important aspect to proper deicing on a runway. We supply Sodium Formate in Bulk, by the 2205 lb. Super Sack and 55 kg Bags (40 per pallet) Pallets Only Please. We also supply Sodium Acetate upon request and will also be bring in a blend early 2021.


Safeway® SF  Solid Runway Deicer
Sodium Formate Solid Runway Deicer

NSN: 6850-01-434-3973 Bulk

FAA Approved according to AMS 1431




Currently working on replacing this product with a blend Acetate/Formate

Sodium Acetate will be available soon


Liquid Deicers are used on the Runway AND on the Aircraft. They are not the same product. Runway Deicers are typically used in tandem with a Solid Deicer.

Aircraft Deicers are more specialized, depending on the weather conditions either a TYPE I will be used or the longer lasting more viscous TYPE IV will be sprayed over the entire wing and aircraft. We provide product in Totes and in BULK 4,400 tanker loads. ALL Liquid used on the Runway must meet FAA Standards.


NSN: 6850-01-341-9856 

Safeway® KA Hot Blue – SAE AMS 1435  

Potassium Acetate Liquid Runway Deicer 

SAE AMS 1435 FAA approved 4400 Gallon Bulk


Please call us with your questions. We would be happy to discuss your needs and see if we are able to be of service. This year we are making some changes. Call it a restructure. We are working with more manufacturers in different regions so that we can better provide product without huge freight costs. We have distribution points in the Pacific Northwest, East Coast and Central. Many people are making the switch from Acetate to Formate we have seen increased calls on the formate these last few seasons so we have distributors in NC, NYC, MT, and parts of Canada assist us with our Alaska accounts. Please feel free to contact us as we are always willing to chat. Prices are not shown because we are able to quote various regions for better costs.