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Pictured Top Right: MSG Jennifer Butler preparing her team for the rigors of deployment in support of OIF/OND. She has been decorated with several awards including Meritorious Service Medal. She has been Soldier of the Year. She is a true SHERO!

Pictured Right: CPT Charity Coe - Physicians Assistant Utah Army National Guard has been deployed several times to Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, and has selflessly served back to back missions with little or no creature comforts caring for the Medical needs of Special Task force teams and locals injured. She it a true SHERO!

Sheroes United aka SHERO.US

Currently Pending 501c3 status website under construction

SHERO - A female hero; or a female that displays strong heroic acts when found in a threatening position or situation.  A Woman that selflessly puts others ahead of her at all expense and is considered to be a role model for other young women. A woman other women should aspire to be.

A SHERO/heroine is someone who fights for human rights in general. Expanding on general "heroism", a SHERO is a Woman that goes above and beyond in extraordinary situations.

She is the one that does great acts of kindness, shows strength, and maintains control all while executing sometimes under extreme or abnormal circumstances.

Old Definition: A SHERO is a man or woman who stands up specifically for female rights and equality. That is going to change!!!

Many Women are SHEROs in every day life. In general, one must DO something to help inspire or motivate other women, she is a role model, or a historical figure who was unconventional in their thinking for that time of what females can do.

Every one has ROLE MODELS. And we believe that inside everyone there is a HERO/SHERO waiting to emerge!
Temporary Sheroes Site
We are currently building a website that will be released the first week of May 2012

We thank all of the women that have served their country and have protected our borders.

We Thank all of the Women that have given so much of their personal lives to make change for the rest of the world without thinking twice about it.

We Thank all of the everyday women that have got involved to help other women. We recognize that all Women are Capable of great things and this is the site to share your stories.

Please submit your story about a woman that has made a difference in your community or your life. We will post her story here.
Please send us your story we would love to share with others. This is a new page to our site and we look forward to input from you.
Sheroes United

Currently pending 501c3 status
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